How-to for dmraid OS drive(s)?

Steve S. ataraid at
Mon Aug 22 14:06:14 UTC 2005

Hello -

Can anyone point me to a step-by-step guide to putting the OS (Fedora 
Core 4 in my case) on a dmraid mirror?  I currently have the OS on a 
pair of failing ATA drives and dmraid sees the new drives no problem.  
Specifically, I've seen references on this list and elsewhere to having 
to customize init scripts and (potentially) patching grub to make this work.

Ah, and if anyone can point me to a best-practice guide to migrating all 
the data incl. the OS from the old drives to the new, that would be good 
too.  I'm sure I could fumble my way through it on my own, but I'd 
rather do it the "right" way.

Is lvm with dmraid an impossibility?  My apologies if these questions 
have been answered already -- but I have done a lot of searching on line 
(through this list, google searches, etc.) with very little results.



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