How-to for dmraid OS drive(s)?

Peter Jones pjones at
Tue Aug 23 14:24:26 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-08-23 at 09:21 -0400, Steve S. wrote:
> Weichuan --
> Thanks - this is very helpful.  For my pennance, I'll make a web 
> reference to the step-by-step directions to hold others over until 
> better hardware support comes built-in, i.e.FC5, etc..
> I'm also using Sil 3114 (on an Asus K8NE-Deluxe) and I have a pair of 
> 200 GB Serial ATA drives in a RAID1 configuration.
> Can someone point me to info on whether lvm is possible on dmraid?

It is, it's *exactly* like doing it with any other software raid.

The only real issue is bootloaders.  At least on FC/RHEL, we haven't
made modifications that would be required to boot off of a logical

In FC4 we do support /boot on a RAID 1, so if you're doing dmraid with
raid1, it should be possible to put a 100M partition for /boot at the
beginning of the raid, and then build your PV on the rest.  (that is,
you can do it exactly like the default install now, but with a raid1

Hopefully, we'll be able to do more support in the future, but it's
complicated and not really on the immediate roadmap (read: it's not on
my schedule).

> Here's looking forward to an easier solution (or rather, when dmraid is 
> considered stable and fully integrated into anaconda/the installers).

It's more than just the installer -- initrd needs support, as do
mount/fsck (think "fsck -a"), and almost certainly initscripts will need
some work as well.


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