Fasttrack TX2000 RAID problem

Greg Felix greg.felix at
Tue Aug 23 22:26:34 UTC 2005


I have a Promise Fasttrack TX2000 RAID that isn't working correctly. 
I have a 2-disk striped array setup.  From what debugging I've done it
seems the BIOS recognizes both drives together in one.

Here is the output of `/sys/firmware/edd/int13-dev80/sectors`:

It also looks like dmraid recognizes both of the block devices. 
Here's the output of  `dmraid -b`:
/dev/hde:     78156288 total, "H3DS5FSW"
/dev/hdg:     78165360 total, "DWW-AM1D974281"

But it doesn't seem like dmraid is passing the correct information to
device-mapper or something.  Here's the output of `dmsetup table`:

pdc_bjfgcfhef1: 0 16384 linear 254:0 25720557
pdc_bjfgcfhef: 0 78123904 linear 33:0 0

The major:minor numbers of /dev/hde are 33:0  From this it looks like
dmsetup is only showing the size of ONE of the disks whereas edd is
showing the proper combined size.

Any help debugging this would be appreciated.  Also let me know of any
requests for other outputs.


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