Initrd problems/lvm (was: Re: How-to for dmraid OS drive(s)?)

Peter Jones pjones at
Fri Aug 26 14:06:52 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-08-26 at 08:14 -0400, Steve S. wrote:
> And is _everything_ in /dev dynamic or does there need to be something 
> in there on the new drives?

/dev is completely dynamic.  Note that in newer versions of mkinitrd
(post-fc4, but you should be able to use the rawhide version on fc4
without any trouble), nash provides a function "makedevs" which will
create all the block devices for which there are sysfs entries, but for
anything else, something else has to create them.

> The way I have fstab and the partitions setup is I have:
> /dev/mapper/sil_<something>1 as /boot
> /dev/mapper/sil_<something>2 as swap
> /dev/myvg/mylv which contains the PV /dev/mapper/sil_<something>3 which is /
> I did _not_ change the labels on the old LV/static partitions and 
> perhaps that is causing issues (because they are the same)?

The LV should be able to be the same, so long as the VG is different.

I'm not totally sure what's going on yet, but it might be that the paths
lvm is checking for a VG aren't quite right.  So one thing to try is to
add another "makedevs" (assuming you're using the rawhide mkinitrd)
after you create the dm devices, which will make a device /dev/sil_FOO
(I think... It could also be /dev/dm-0 -- whatever the directory in /sys
is named, so shall be the device in /dev )

> In a small stab in the dark, I also tweaked mkinitrd so the raid stuff 
> came before the lvm stuff (since my lv is on the sil 3114 mirror) and I 
> was sure to run mkinitrd against the new fstab in /mnt that I had 
> changed appropriately.

Yeah, it certainly has to be before the lvm code.

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