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Tue Aug 30 16:51:56 UTC 2005

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From: Alan Cox <alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk>
Date: 30.08.2005 10:38
Subject: Re: IDE HPA
To: Greg Felix <greg.felix at gmail.com>
Cc: Oliver Tennert <O.Tennert at science-computing.de>,
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On Maw, 2005-08-30 at 09:52 -0600, Greg Felix wrote:
> Right.  I get the output at bootup time.  It reads that the HPA is
> 20MB.  Which is exactly the size of how far off the metadata is in
> Linux (once the HPA is disabled).

So your actual problem is nothing to do with the kernel or with the HPA
behaviour ? Whatever tool you are using for raid set up isn't reading
and processing the right fields.

It isnt the kernels fault if you compute from of end of disk rather than
from end of non reserved area is it ?

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