Mandriva installation with nforce4

Franck Benchetrit franck at
Tue Dec 27 20:15:35 UTC 2005

Hi everybody, 

I'm brand new on Linux, and I would like to move smoothly from the windows
world to the Linux one. 
I have installed mandriva 2006 on a dedicated disc on my machine. Windows is
installed on another bunch of discs, which are mounted in RAID1 using
nforce4 chipset. 
Even if the installation of Linux went well, mandriva now see 2 discs (in
fact, 4 partitions, as my discs are split in 2 partitions), which contains
the same data (which is normal, as they are in RAID1Smile). 
I have read that I should use dmraid and device mapper to let Linux see my
discs as one.

I have installed dmraid (at least I think), and I think I have installed as
well device mapper. 

I discovered today I had to umount the ntfs partition, and do a 

#modprobe dm-mod 

#dmraid -ay

Now I can see in /dev/mapper my discs (in fact I can see 3, which is weird
as I just have 2 partitions on my discs, but that's ok).

Now, I have no idea how to mount the discs so I can go to the drives. I

#mount -t /dev/mapper/nameofmydisc 

But it didn't work.


Can somebody help me for: 
- see my win partition from lilo or grub, so I can boot either on windows or
- see my RAID discs as one in mandriva so I can access my files from Linux?


Thank you very much for your help






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