Mandriva installation with nforce4

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Thu Dec 29 22:05:05 UTC 2005

Franck Benchetrit wrote:
> Hello everybody,

Hi, Dr. Nick!

> I discovered today I had to umount the ntfs partition, and do a

Good idea.
In fact, if you add "dmraid -ay" to one of your startup scripts, you
can just update /etc/fstab to point to the RAID partition instead of
the component partition as it does now.

There should be a script called something like rc.local or
something-related-to-local in either /etc/rc.d or /etc/init.d - can't
remember - where you can add dmraid -ay.

> #modprobe dm-mod
> #dmraid -ay
> Now I can see in /dev/mapper my discs (in fact I can see 3, which is weird
> as I just have 2 partitions on my discs, but that's ok).

One of them (the one without a number) represents the RAIDed disk. 
The other two obviously represents partitions on that "disk".

> Now, I have no idea how to mount the discs so I can go to the drives. I
> tried
> #mount -t /dev/mapper/nameofmydisc
> But it didn't work.

man mount
info mount
google: mount man page

will tell you that the -t option to mount expects the next option to
be a filesystem type.

Thus the correct command would be something akin to:

# mount -t ntfs /dev/mapper/nameofyourPARTITION /mnt/whatever_mountpoint

> Can somebody help me for:
> - see my win partition from lilo or grub, so I can boot either on windows or
> mandriva?

Sure.  What are you using, Lilo or Grub?

> - see my RAID discs as one in mandriva so I can access my files from Linux?

Sounds like you've almost got that one pinned yourself.

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