Mandriva installation with nforce4

Franck Benchetrit franck at
Fri Dec 30 10:10:47 UTC 2005


Thank you very much for your help.
I have added to the rc.local file the following commands:
modprobe dm-mod
dmraid -ay
mkdir /mnt/raidc
mkdir /mnt/raidd

and to the fstab file:
/dev/mapper/nameofmypartitionC /mnt/raidc ntfs, otherinfo (copied from the
line where my disk "non raid" were mounted.
But now, when I boot, everything goes well, I can see my discs in the
explorer, but I can't access it as I'm not loged as root. I assume that  has
something to do with the mkdir that didn't gave the rights to the normal
users, I'll have to change it.
Otherwise, regarding my second question, I'm using Grub (as I had read in
wiki about gentoo and dmraid that Lilo didn't work). But I can otherwise use
Lilo, it's ok for me.

Thanks again for your help

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Franck Benchetrit wrote:
> Hello everybody,

Hi, Dr. Nick!

> I discovered today I had to umount the ntfs partition, and do a

Good idea.
In fact, if you add "dmraid -ay" to one of your startup scripts, you
can just update /etc/fstab to point to the RAID partition instead of
the component partition as it does now.

There should be a script called something like rc.local or
something-related-to-local in either /etc/rc.d or /etc/init.d - can't
remember - where you can add dmraid -ay.

> #modprobe dm-mod
> #dmraid -ay
> Now I can see in /dev/mapper my discs (in fact I can see 3, which is weird
> as I just have 2 partitions on my discs, but that's ok).

One of them (the one without a number) represents the RAIDed disk. 
The other two obviously represents partitions on that "disk".

> Now, I have no idea how to mount the discs so I can go to the drives. I
> tried
> #mount -t /dev/mapper/nameofmydisc
> But it didn't work.

man mount
info mount
google: mount man page

will tell you that the -t option to mount expects the next option to
be a filesystem type.

Thus the correct command would be something akin to:

# mount -t ntfs /dev/mapper/nameofyourPARTITION /mnt/whatever_mountpoint

> Can somebody help me for:
> - see my win partition from lilo or grub, so I can boot either on windows
> mandriva?

Sure.  What are you using, Lilo or Grub?

> - see my RAID discs as one in mandriva so I can access my files from

Sounds like you've almost got that one pinned yourself.

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