The big dump

paul moore paulm2012 at
Wed Feb 9 10:44:48 UTC 2005

 Hi all,
  I need your help to finish fixing this. I lost Örjan's system for
testing (he had to go back to studies 150%) but I think I got enough
information on his problem to continue on. I would use my own system
but all the drives have been partitioned under Linux so the problem
doesn't show up. What I need is some partitioning information from
anyone useing windows 98, NT-XX, 2000, or XP to boot their system.
The partitioning needs to have been done by the OS that is running on
the drive and it needs to be dual booted with Linux. This does not need
to be a RAID system. Would be especially interested in NTFS, since it
was what Örjan was running. I will need the following:

 A dd of the first sector of your boot drive as below

 dd if=/dev/your-boot-drive of=/anywhere/anything.bin count=1

 and a linux fdisk list of your partitions (p command).

Tar.gz these and attach them to an email telling which OS they came from
and send it off to my email address.
 That's all, I shouldn't have to bother you again.

 All donations and gifts graciously accepted,


--- paul moore <paulm2012 at> wrote:

> Hi Örjan,
>  Hmm, it looks like it might take a bit to fix this. Do you want me to
> cook up a patch for you that will only run with 256 byte sectors? At
> least it would allow some kind of reality check (always a good idea).
> There is always the possibility it could bring out some other problems
> that might be hideing somewhere.
>  In case you're wondering how this is causing your symtoms, with the
> patched version, the first partition that is larger than half your disk
> size fails the test to see if the partition is larger than your disk
> (the extended partition). With both versions there is a dangerous hidden
> error. Each partition is created twice the size it is supposed to be.
> If you have two partitions, the first will overlap the second. If both
> partition were previously formatted on a windows system, the filesystems
> should not overlap and seem to be working fine. But if the first
> filesystem decides to expand to fill the partition for any reason, you
> are toast. This would be good for people that hate M$, but doesn't help
> the poor person out in the field trying to get their system going B~).
>  Later,
>   Paul


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