The big dump

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Thu Feb 10 02:12:27 UTC 2005

 Hi Marek,

 Actually, the output of dmraid isn't of much use to me. If it is a RAID 1
set, you can dd and/or fdisk either of the component drives to get the
information. If it is a RAID 0 set, you can use the first drive of the set
since most of the information is held in the first stripe. Just don't have
fdisk change anything! I can use any and all partitioning information I
can get, and yours may prove to be interesting, doono. Does it see the
drives but not the partitions?


--- Marek Olszewski <m.olszewski at> wrote:

> Perhaps I could be of help.  I have a promise fasttrak 100 lite with
> partitions created by both windows and Linux, except dmraid seems to fail
> completely for me.
> I sent a "dmraid -rD" dump to Heinz and would be happy to send one to
> anybody else interested.
> Regards,
> Marek
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>  Hi all,
>   I need your help to finish fixing this. I lost Vrjan's system for
> testing (he had to go back to studies 150%) but I think I got enough
> information on his problem to continue on. I would use my own system
> but all the drives have been partitioned under Linux so the problem
> doesn't show up. What I need is some partitioning information from
> anyone useing windows 98, NT-XX, 2000, or XP to boot their system.
> The partitioning needs to have been done by the OS that is running on
> the drive and it needs to be dual booted with Linux. This does not need
> to be a RAID system. Would be especially interested in NTFS, since it
> was what Vrjan was running. I will need the following:
>  A dd of the first sector of your boot drive as below
>  dd if=/dev/your-boot-drive of=/anywhere/anything.bin count=1
>  and a linux fdisk list of your partitions (p command).
> Tar.gz these and attach them to an email telling which OS they came from
> and send it off to my email address.
>  That's all, I shouldn't have to bother you again.
>  All donations and gifts graciously accepted,
>   Paul
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