pleaseeeeeee I need a howto!!

Nando nandox7 at
Fri Feb 11 15:45:33 UTC 2005

I think the main question is, if the installer will recognise a raid 
activated with dmraid. If not, would be
hard to overcome this, it think.
Because if it does, the way i see is to rebuild the instalation cd's 
including dmraid in them.
This are just some ideias, that i was planning to do. :)
Or else, install in one of the drives, alter the grub/initrd and so and 
mirror this disc to the second one. But this is only valid to

El borrajudo rampante wrote:

>Hello all...
>I wanted to ask for a howto... ho to install a 2.6.X
>kernel with a raid-0 disk. I mean... I've got two h.d.
>seen as one, with windows 2000 and linux (currently
>with a 2.4.28 kernel) and I wanted to ask if I could
>find somewhere a howto to compile and boot with a 2.6
>kernel. I know I have to path the kernel, (for the
>initrd), and /or the lilo... but I don't know the
>order to patch, where are the patches to apply...
>Please, help!!!
>Thank you in advance
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