The big dump

paul moore paulm2012 at
Sat Feb 12 02:50:49 UTC 2005

Hi Molle,

 Huh, oh, no no, I was refering to the system I had been working on
being done with 3.x. Sorry I didn't make myself clearer. My bad.

 Thanks loads,

--- Molle Bestefich <molle.bestefich at> wrote:

> Paul Moore wrote:
> > Thanks, that answered a lot of questions. I noted that it had the same
> > windows 95A type MBR as the system I was looking at. Unfortunately I didn't
> > get what OS it was partitioned with.
> Windows NT 4.0 Server.  Blank disk.
> MBR created + disk partitioned using the NT4 Disk Administrator tool.
> Take a look at the screenshots, it's all there.
> > it was NT-3.x with 256 byte sector partitioning. Any ideas? This is
> > probably a semi-fluke (?). It might still be a good idea to add a parameter
> > to dmraid that says, if you can't get this to work and all your
> > partitioning was done with some ancient windows OS, try this.
> There's got to be a more intelligent way of doing this.

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