FC3 - soft raid and encryption for my entire system

Gabriel Labelle glabelle at optimized.org
Sun Feb 13 23:49:41 UTC 2005


I am looking for a procedure explaining how to implement encryption on a
PC running Fedora Core 3.

Using dm-crypt to encrypt home folders or file systems seems relatively
easy but I would like to encrypt the entire system from the / and
considering the fact that it's running on soft raid0 I would like to be
sure not to mess up anything.

/boot is raid1 (/dev/md0)
/, swap and /home are raid0 (/dev/md1, /dev/md2 and /dev/md3)

Someone has instructions to provide me with? Will encryption slow down
my system (a lot)? It would be nice if we could set this up at the
installation process :)

Many thanks for your time and help.

Gabriel Labelle <glabelle at optimized.org>

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