question about highpoint 37x and the metadata

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Thu Feb 24 03:30:33 UTC 2005

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Yes, you can dump the disks that make up your raid0 but whether the target
disks will have a meaningful data or not is a different matter. Once you
access member disks by name (hde, hdg) you are accessing them as ide
disks. No special treatment (if thats what you mean by 'work with them').

Why do you have to dump member disks seperately, rather than dumping raid0
, md0 device ? Also, Why not use faster techniques (rsync, dump, restore,
cpio -p etc) if you just want to backup raid data ?

If you really have a lot of disks (small sizes especially) and you want to
play around, go with lvm


> I have 1 question about this controller and the information inside the
> disks:
> If dump both disks of a raid0 into bigger disks like:
> dd if=/dev/hde of =/dev/hdf
> dd if=/dev/hdg of =/dev/hdh
> ¿Will the controller recognice the disks as a raid and work with them?
> (Of course I supose that you will loose the extra size)
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