Promise 378 and ATA Raid

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Thu Jul 7 05:52:20 UTC 2005

Nicolas DELY wrote:
> Two (160GB) ATA Hard Drive disks are plugged on ATA Raid port. Another
> (120GB) Hard Drive disk is plugged on primary master. The two 160GB
> disks are known as sda and sdb.

> So I've done a :
> $ genkernel --kernel-config=/usr/src/config-2.6.11-gentoo-r11 --udev
> --dmraid  --no-clean --lvm2 all

Gentoo is ridden with old versions of the various software you can emerge.
When you report problems you should always tell what version of the
software you are using.

Please post "dmraid --version" and "dmsetup version".  If your dmraid
is not -rc8, upgrade that.  If you're upgrading dmraid, there's a good
chance that you also need to upgrade the various dm stuff.

> When I've run:
> $ dmraid -ay
> I get a new device:
> /dev/mapper/pdc_gjbjdagge

> but 80GB only are available, then I create a partition with whole space

Sounds like one of the bugs that Heinz has fixed in the last couple of months.

> => $ cfdisk /dev/sd[a|b] shows only one 80GB partition and 80GB free
> space on both disks.

Assuming that you've raided your disks in a RAID 1?
You just said that you created an 80 GB partition - what did you expect?

> Losing some ticks... checking if CPU frequency changed.

Odd.  Very un-informative of the kernel not to tell whether it found
problems or not.

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