Promise 378 and ATA Raid

Nicolas DELY nanouck at
Thu Jul 7 22:42:57 UTC 2005

Heinz Mauelshagen a écrit :
> As Molle mentioned: please try 1.0.0.rc8 which should help your case.


#  dmraid --version
dmraid version:		1.0.0.rc8 (2005.05.19)
dmraid library version:	1.0.0.rc8 (2005.05.19)
device-mapper version:	4.4.0

# dmsetup version
Library version:   1.01.01 (2005-03-29)
Driver version:    4.4.0

>>>>When I've run:
>>>>$ dmraid -ay
>>>>I get a new device:

I still need to run manually dmraid -ay to enable /dev/mapper/pdc_gjbjdagge

*cfdisk /dev/mapper/pdc_gjbjdagge shows me almost disk (only 15MB seem
to be lost on /dev/sda or sdb). I've succeeded in adding partitions:

Name            Flags  Part Type  FS Type     [Label]  Size (MB)
pdc_gjbjdagge1  Boot   Primary    Linux ext3           131.61
pdc_gjbjdagge2        Primary    Linux LVM            159866.55

partitions are OK

I would like to use lvm2 on /dev/mapper/pdc_gjbjdagge2, so I've tried
# pvcreate  /dev/mapper/pdc_gjbjdagge2
File descriptor 3 left open
File descriptor 4 left open
File descriptor 5 left open
  Device /dev/mapper/pdc_gjbjdagge2 not found.

I don't know what's wrong? I remember that disk utility on fedora core
3/4 works well to manage lvm, what do you advise me to set 2 logical
part in logical volume taking place in /dev/mapper/pdc_gjbjdagge2 ?


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