Anaconda and Fedora Core 4

Mark Wormgoor mark at
Thu Jul 21 06:20:13 UTC 2005


>> Does somebody know, how to force anaconda to take the /dev/mapper/via_**
>> array as install disk?
>> Or how to make a single disk become an array on a VIA chipset after an
>> install off dmraid after an installation (transform /dev/sda
>> in /dev/mapper/via_**).
>> Thanks a lot and best regards
> Anaconda in Fedora Core 4 doesn't do this; it's a planned feature which
> I'm working on for FC5.

The easiest way (for now) is to install it on a standalone disk and then
copy that installation to the dmraid box. You will need two small changes
to rc.sysinit and mkinitrd to get it to boot.

I have just upgraded my dmraid FC3 box to FC4 (using smart) and FC4 works
just as good as FC3 with its root on a dmraid disk.

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