Now Working... but...

Mark Wormgoor mark at
Sat Jul 23 09:10:29 UTC 2005


> I finally managed to have a working system.
> What now happens is that after the initrd finishes, there is 
> no /dev/mapper/sil... but just /dev/mapper and "control".
> I have to manually do a "dmraid -ay" to get the drive back, and this sounds 
> strange to me since the system is just up and running, how can it access the 
> disk if it is not seen in /dev/mapper? this should apply to swap space also.
> How can I workaround this? what is a safe place to put the dmraid command?

Initrd usually places the /dev/mapper/sil* nodes in a ramdisk, which gets 
unmounted after the system boots.  On my fedora system, I put another dmraid 
command in /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit, just after lvm initialization.

Dmraid is in a lot of ways similar to lvm.  If you look at lvm, it also gets 
setup in both initrd and again in rc.sysinit. Lvm2 (used by fc2, fc3 and 
fc4) also uses /dev/mapper/* devices.

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