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> Subject: Re: Anaconda and Fedora Core 4
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> On 7/26/05, Mark Wormgoor wrote:
> > Some people have gotten grub to install on dmraid, but I haven't.
> I have a patch for GRUB that allows it to install correctly on dmraid
> devices, if anyone's interested.
 Me, i'm interested in. I just now want to know how to patch a file with these patch in general, to make them running.

> (It was scheduled for inclusion in the newest GRUB release, but for
> some reason it didn't go in..)
So after what i've read is there somebody witch can post an howto for
the FC 4 install on a SATA Array1 under dmraid, because i'm going on
vacation and i want to know, install and test my array (disk hotplug),
to have a running server before vacation.

So please, we have open the way of secure reliable and perfomant server
under Linux OS, let's now make them cheapest!!

Best Regards for all of you,
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