install Fedora Core 3 on VT8237 SATA RAID 1 Array

BIENVILLE Ignace ignace.bienville at
Tue Jun 7 13:12:52 UTC 2005

hello everybody,

I'm a french linux user fedora core prefered distrib and i have :
- ASROCK K7Upgrade 600 (MoBo) with a VT8237 SATA RAID controler
- AMD Sempron 3000+ (processor)
- 512 Mo DDR 400
- ATI Radeon 7000 (graphic)
- and 2 MAXTOR 80 Go SATA disk

So i made the dmdisk, setup mirror raid set with the bios, boot the OS,
 when come to disk, ctrl-alt-F2, mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/disk (because if
you didn't do that, you won't have the command line ls and so
 one), /mnt/disk/dmraid -tay and it found via_bdedagbbef,
 so /mnt/disk/dmraid -ay; right now everything is OK
 And now the show go on!!
 ctrl-alt-F7 and type of install "perso", partitionning in automatique
 mode 2 drives sda and sdb, manually 2drives too ?
 so what can i do??
 am i far away from home ?? (lost in space)
 now i really need your help!!
 o continue with disk setup using /dev/mapper/via_* for configuration
 o in case you create partitions, ctrl-alt-f2 and "/mnt/dmraid -ay"
 o you should see additional /dev/mapper/via_* entries for your
partitions now
 o install OS onto those partitions
 o *before* you reboot after having installed, ctrl-alt-f2
 o make a directory in /tmp/ (eg, /tmp/ignace), gunzip and cpio the
   to it (cd /tmp/ignace;gzip -dc WhereInitrdIs|cpio -ivmd)
 o edit /tmp/ignace/linuxrc and add "dmraid -ay" to it
 o check, that all necessary device-mapper targets are in the initrd in
   .../lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/md/
   (dm-mod.ko, dm-mirror.ko) and dmraid (dietlibc) in .../sbin as well
   (... needs replacing by the mount points the installer chooses; check
with df)
 o cpio and gzip your new initrd
   (cd /tmp/ignace;find .|cpio -o|gzip >/tmp/
 o copy the original initrd to initrd.old and copy /tmp/ to
the original one
 o edit .../etc/fstab and check, that the correct /dev/mapper/via_*
entried are listed for your filesystems
 o edit .../boot/grub/menu.lst and put the correct /dev/mapper/via_*
   behind "root="
 o have an emergency boot media at hand (likely your installation
media :-)
 o cross fingers and reboot
 we are far away from it ;)

BIENVILLE Ignace <ignace.bienville at>

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