dmraid and anaconda.

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Wed May 11 09:19:58 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 04 May 2005 17:35, Nando wrote:

> is there any news/updates on anaconda supporting dmraid?
> Up to now i had a sil3112 in redhat 9 because there is a module that
> make the raid system works.
> But being very slow, and giving problems. Like the one that happened
> now, that destroyed to mirrored drives makes me
> try to update to a more up to date system like Fedora Core 3.
> So, if anyone has any way to do this i'd appreciate. I really didn't
> want to have to install RH9 again.

It is possible to install FC3 on a DMRaid array but it's not for the faint 

I have installed FC3 on a Promise TX2000 3 disk raid 0 using DMRaid. I used 
the info/patches provided by Mark Wormgoor,, 
which added DMRaid support to Anaconda (although I had to further patch 
Mark's code). This required rebuilding the stage2.img from the FC3 install 
which I then installed on the target machine over a HTTP connection rather 
than from CD (couldn't be bothered rebuilding the CD's). I also had to 
install grub from FC-development as Grub in FC3 wouldn't work with my DMRaid 

You may be as well waiting for FC4 which I'm hoping will have native DMRaid 

Perhaps Heinz could clarify the state of DMRaid in FC4 as FC4test2 certainly 
didn't have native support (though I haven't tried the newly released test3 

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