how to set-up Promise FastTrak TX2200

Hillel Bilman hillel at
Mon May 16 16:30:00 UTC 2005

Dear ataraid-list,

I've got a Centos4 Linux server and installed Linux on a separate drive as
it won't see my
2 x 80GB harddrives connected via a Promise FastTrak TX2200 using mirroring.

I thought I would need to recompile my kernel but there is no driver in
kernel 2.6.9-5.0.5 for the TX2200. I checked and the dmraid rpm 1.0.0-rc5f
is installed and the hardware is installed but
if I type: dmraid -ay
I get "No Software RAID disks"
If I type: dmraid -ay -f pdc
I get "No RAID disk with format: pdc"

Would anyone be so kind as to send me a HOWTO to get Linux to pick up the
RAID device.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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