problems with via controller and msdos partitions

Alessandro Jacopini alejacop at
Tue May 17 20:30:07 UTC 2005

Thanks for the advice. I tried again today. The size
of the via_cdjiceidbi file is 0. The message in
/var/log/messages is:

localhost kernel: device-mapper: error adding target
to table

Besides, the 

dmraid -v via 

command reports a wrong size, 240121727 for two 120MB
drives in mirroring mode.

I can use the array without any problems in Windows.
Not being able to use it is the last obstacle to a
complete switch to Linux...but what can I do? Trying
to configuring the device mapper manually seems too
risky to me.

Thanks again

> Alessandro Jacopini wrote:
> > ERROR: dos: reading /dev/mapper/via_cdjiceidbi
> > [Invalid argument]
> Seems like it can't parse the partition table of the
> assembled disk.
> Look in /var/log/messages for more clues and make
> sure that the
> /dev/mapper/via_cdjiceidbi device is the size it's
> supposed to be.
> > mount: /dev/mapper/via_cdjiceidbi: can't read
> > superblock
> That entry represents the entire (virtual) disk
> where no filesystems reside.
> You need to get the partition table parsed correctly
> first before
> mounting any filesystems.

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