dmraid works. now what?

Ben Morse ben at
Wed May 18 15:15:51 UTC 2005

Dmraid IS software raid (Sorta).  Some people call it "fakeraid", which
is basically a mix between hardware and software raid.  I'm glad to hear
that dmraid works just fine for you.  You don't even need to use lvm,
b/c dmraid does that all for you.  All you need to do, is install on one
of the partitons in /dev/mapper.  This is easier said than done however
(Depending on which distro you want to use)
striker wrote:

>Please forgive my ignorance.  I'll provide any info required.  Here's my 
>I've been running a windows box with a promise fastrak controller.  It's 
>got two disks in a striped configuration.
>I recently installed an indepented 3rd disk, used it to install FC3, and 
>set up dmraid.  dmraid recognized my raid and the entries in /dev/mapper 
>crw-------  1 root root  10, 63 Apr 29 00:19 control
>brw-r-----  1 root root 253,  0 May 18 12:41 pdc_djbcgacc
>brw-r-----  1 root root 253,  1 May 18 12:41 pdc_djbcgacc1
>brw-r-----  1 root root 253,  2 May 18 12:41 pdc_djbcgacc5
>The total disk space on the raid is 120 GB.  I haven't allocated it all.  
>I want to use the unused space to create a linux "partition".  This is 
>where I start to flounder.  I don't have any experience configuring 
>software raid on Linux.  
>It seems like I should use LVM2 somehow except that I'm not sure how to do 
>so without destroying what I've already got on the disks. Here's the 
>output of lvmdiskscan:
>  /dev/hda  [        3.74 GB] 
>  /dev/hde  [       57.25 GB] 
>  /dev/hdg  [       57.25 GB] 
>  /dev/hda1 [        2.73 GB] 
>  /dev/hde1 [        4.89 GB] 
>  /dev/hda2 [     1019.75 MB] 
>  /dev/hde2 [        1.00 KB] 
>  3 disks
>  4 partitions
>  0 LVM physical volume whole disks
>  0 LVM physical volumes
>What's my next step here?  Please talk to me like I am 3 years old.
>Thanks in advance.
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