Debian and vendor proprietary RAID

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Fri Apr 14 11:38:52 UTC 2006

On Fri, Apr 14, 2006 at 09:41:13AM +0200, Molle Bestefich wrote:
>András Imre wrote:
>> I can mount the first partition. Now I'd like to mount the third, but
>> the ntfs module complains about illegal structure. This is ok, since
>> the partition is on the 2nd physical drive, and there is no partition
>> table because of the JBOD setting.
>I disagree that it's ok.
>If dmraid enables RAID devices based on sd{a,b}, then the kernel
>should IMHO be prevented from doing things such as creating wrong
>devices for the partitions of the individual disks, such as you are
>seeing here.

yes, probably dmraid should lock the underlying device, and the
partitioning code should be taken out of the kernel and into userspace.

>> Q2: I'm about to reinstall the same structure but into a RAID0 array
>> instead. I'd like to use Windows and Linux, and also have the advantage
>> of striping. How can I make the installer to see the array? (dmraid
>> does not come with the installer. All the installers I tried saw only
>> two physical disks.)
don't believe modern hard drives are suitable for raid 0, failure rate
is too high.

>The only graphical installer I know of that supports dmraid is
>anaconda in Fedora Core 5.

Mandriva 2006 installer supports graphical install with dmraid as well

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