Debian and vendor proprietary RAID

András Imre andras.imre at
Wed Apr 19 15:37:56 UTC 2006

> But then again, maybe I'm wrong on the entire version mismatch being
> the reason for the problem, someone else might have a much better idea
> of what the problem is.

I will contact the author and ask for some hints and maybe a debug

> I'd recommend upgrading the devicemapper and testing again as the
> first thing to do.

I will. The devicemapper is compiled into the kernel, so first I have
do some research on how to integrate it manually.

> > Is there anything else I should be looking for?
> Please include the output of 'dmsetup table' when doing your next test :-).

Its output is the same as dmsetup status:
# dmsetup table

> Whatever's easiest - I'd probably take a basic Slax image, add a
> developer module containing GCC and MAKE, boot it, download
> devicemapper + dmraid, compile and install both and then make a new
> module out of the resulting binaries using the excellent
> Slax-module-making tools..

I'd like to try this besides the mentioned distros as well. If you can
provide it, I'd be grateful.

> Out of curiosity, what's the purpose of the system?

This is an FS Amilo 3438G laptop, and I use it for work and leisure
as well. I'm kind of a freelance developer (Java, Rational etc.), and
currently learning Linux. I chose Debian, because I'd like to learn a
lot. So far, I did with all these install problems, kernel compiles and
other things I came across during solving this problem. I dont really
need another desktop system. :)

Thanks for help, and I'll get back to the list as soon I get further results.


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