Fedora Core 5 and Highpoint 372

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 09:14:01 UTC 2006

Eric S wrote:
> I'm trying to set up a new web server at my home to host my personal web
> site and e-mail. I have a High Point 372 (PATA) card and am trying to
> install Fedora Core 5 on a RAID1 array. The High Point 37x is supported by
> dmraid and, I am lead to believe, is Linux supposed to have support built
> into the 2.6x kernel.

The Linux kernel supports the hardware itself.

Dmraid is a tool that can
 1.) read the array metadata off the disks and
 2.) tell a kernel module named DM how to assemble those disks into a
functional array.

> When I try to install Fedora on a RAID1 array I get kernel panic errors
> saying the PCI clock won't sync. If I have just the card installed with no
> drives attached it and a drive attached to the on-board controller, then no
> error, but no RAID.

You should express your concern about that over on the linux-ide or
linux-kernel mailing lists.  Dmraid is pretty much the only subject of
this particular mailing list, regardless of the stupid list name.
Dmraid does not handle the hardware in any way.

(Feel free to Cc this list though, if you want, others might go
looking here when they come across the same problem that you did.
Beware that some people are hysterical anti-cross-posters and will
refuse to answer an email if you cc'ed another list, so... YMMV.  You
decide :-).)

The exact error messages would be very useful too.

A couple of helpful (I hope) tips:

You can grab kernel sources off http://www.kernel.org and take a look
in Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt.  Look for "irq", there are
various options to workaround hardware bugs and similar.

You can use Gmane.org to search linux-kernel or linux-ide for any
previously encountered problems with your chipset and/or RAID
controller and/or motherboard.

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