dmraid and dm-raid45 weirdness...

Thomas Backlund tmb at
Sun Aug 20 20:08:17 UTC 2006

Luca Berra skrev:
> On Sun, Aug 20, 2006 at 09:46:55PM +0300, Thomas Backlund wrote:
> ....
>> echo "Loading scsi_mod.ko module"
>> insmod /lib/scsi_mod.ko
>> echo "Loading sd_mod.ko module"
>> insmod /lib/sd_mod.ko
>> echo "Loading libata.ko module"
>> insmod /lib/libata.ko
>> echo "Loading sata_nv.ko module"
>> insmod /lib/sata_nv.ko
> mkinitrd will not include the driver for sata_sil, since you don't need
> it to boot.
> moreover there is a 'bug' in initscripts that do not run dmraid in 
> rc.sysinit.
> L.


/me searches for brown paper bag...

sorry for the false alarm...

But other than that, the dm-raid45 works great here...

I've just finished of two rpm sets building ath the same time, and had a 
couple of bonnie++ running and  2 rsync processes at the same time, and 
evey one on the RAID5 set, and it's rock solid... (so far)

Next test will be to unplug one of the raid5 disks and see if it stays 
alive or not...


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