Fasttrack TX2 - Raid10, dmsetup table example?

Torsten Krah tkrah at
Sat Dec 9 11:01:17 UTC 2006

Some guesses - maybe they are right and someone can confirm.
hda1 and hdc1 are the raid0, the other ones are used as mirror devices.

If i would make a raid0 with dmsetup to make one block device, i should 
get my partition back? Am i right?
How can i find out which disks are used as mirror and which was used as 
stripe set - last 20 sectors or something, which information is 
essential to know this?

Can i try various combinations and see if fdisks founds some useful 
partition table? Can i do any damage to the raid set by using dmraid to 
create the block device and searching for partitions on it?

Should be only read access - should be safe, shouldn't it?

kind regards


Torsten Krah schrieb:
> Hello.
> Got a raid10 array on a pdc20270 controller, fasttrack100 tx2.
> Some loss of power made some serious damage to the complete pc.
> The disks however are still working - the controller is a little bit 
> broken - no boot message about the raid things, only ide does still 
> work, more or less ( dma errors etc. pp ).
> So i took the drives and put in on a normal ide controller - they are 
> all recognized.
> running dmraid on a 2.6.17 kernel, ubuntu edgy, does found nothing.
> Drives are found as follows:
> hda, hda1
> hdb - unknown partition table
> hdc, hdc1
> hdd - unknown partition table
> I know there was a 10 setup prior on these 4 disks - although i don't 
> know how the pdc controller does the mapping on 4 drives.
> Is it possible to create the mappings for a raid10 again - to get the 
> only partition on those drives back?
> Anyone a example, found many for raid0 or raid1, but nothing for 10 - i 
> don't want to do some damage to the raid ( i hope its still there ... ), 
> so i'll asking before.
> thx for any help.
> kind regards
> Torsten
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