Hadders ata.raid at workingwithit.com
Sun Dec 10 11:04:21 UTC 2006

Thanks for coming back to me about this, everyone else has gone quiet.

I updated my existing FC5 to rc11 and the mount problems went away! yay!

As I was saying, I'd setup a new install of FC5, but problems with the 
Kernel made me consider a drastic move. I decided to copy my existing 
setup across into the RAID container.
I cleaned out the target partitions first and the did a "find . -xdev | 
cpio -pdam /<dest>"  and copied everything into the new places.
I kept the Device.Map from Grub for the Original RAID install and copied 
this back once I'd migrated.
I tweaked the /etc/fstab to ensure things pointed to the right labels.
It didn't work, I didn't get a device/mapper error, but then it couldn't 
find the container and mount "root" (LABEL=/) and yes, I checked that 
the RAID container volumes have an e2label that matches.

This last section of your response, kinda makes sense to me but it's a 
bit beyond me.  Can you please expand on the steps to:
1. "unpack the ramdisk" ? what file is this?  how do I unpack this?
2. "edit that file manually"?  what am I editing and what in particular 
am I looking for?
3. repack?  okay makes sense

If you can point me in the right direction of the unpack/pack and what 
I'm editing this would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not to worred about getting rc13 yet.  I think rc11 has fixed the 
initial problems, and it sounds like your diagnosis about the mapping 
being defunct is right! I just need to know how to fix it.

Thanks Heaps.

James Olson wrote:
> Are you getting this this kernel error when you type dmraid -ay with 
> rc11, or when trying to boot?
> Another known problem is that FC5 mapping created with the original 
> dmraid gets "stuck". Using mkinitrd doesn't update to the new mapping 
> (that eliminates the stripe size error). The device mapping is stored 
> inside the initial initrd file inside the "init" file. You may have to 
> unpack the ramdisk edit that file manually and repack to get it to work.
> Also if the rpm is for fc6 you could instead download the dmraid 
> source files and compile the newer version on fc5 with gcc.

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