Hadders ata.raid at workingwithit.com
Mon Dec 11 11:43:41 UTC 2006

James Olson wrote:
> Yes I think rc11 does have the stripe size fix and that is also the 
> version that I am running here with my FC5.
> Try this command:
> dmraid -a n && dmraid -a y
> I believe that would fix the drive mapping and having both the dmraid 
> deactivation and activation on one line is fast enough so it won't 
> mess up your mounted volume. Then recreate your /boot/initrd-(kernel 
> version here).img file with the /sbin/mkinitrd command and see if that 
> works.
Have an update. I downloaded the source for dmraid, rc13 and installed 
it for my machine. Still have the same problem though.
Detailed message at boot is:

device-mapper: table: 253:0: striped: Couldn't parse stripe destination
device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table
device-mapper: reload ioctrl failed: No such device or address
Unable to determine geometry of file/device 
You should not use Parted unless you REALLY know what you're doing!
Unable to open /dev/mapper/isw_bdbbdbcbda_MyRAID0 - unrecognised disk label.

he he, I like the part about using parted. Funny thing is I didn't! I 
used fdisk and made things the "old fashioned" way.

So, I'm running device-mapper 4.5.0 for FC5, is there a newer version?!


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