Robert Bruce rob at tdd.org.uk
Mon Dec 11 12:52:16 UTC 2006

Hadders wrote:
> Hadders wrote:
>> James Olson wrote:
>>> Yes I think rc11 does have the stripe size fix and that is also the
>>> version that I am running here with my FC5.
>>> Try this command:
>>> dmraid -a n && dmraid -a y
>>> I believe that would fix the drive mapping and having both the dmraid
>>> deactivation and activation on one line is fast enough so it won't
>>> mess up your mounted volume. Then recreate your /boot/initrd-(kernel
>>> version here).img file with the /sbin/mkinitrd command and see if
>>> that works.
>> Have an update. I downloaded the source for dmraid, rc13 and installed
>> it for my machine. Still have the same problem though.
>> Detailed message at boot is:
>> device-mapper: table: 253:0: striped: Couldn't parse stripe destination
>> device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table
>> device-mapper: reload ioctrl failed: No such device or address
>> Unable to determine geometry of file/device
>> dev/mapper/isw_bdbbdbcbda_MyRAID0
>> You should not use Parted unless you REALLY know what you're doing!
>> Unable to open /dev/mapper/isw_bdbbdbcbda_MyRAID0 - unrecognised disk
>> label.
>> he he, I like the part about using parted. Funny thing is I didn't! I
>> used fdisk and made things the "old fashioned" way.
>> So, I'm running device-mapper 4.5.0 for FC5, is there a newer version?!
>> Help!
> Hmmm, got cunning and loaded the 2.6.18-1.2239smp kernel into my PATA
> hard disk. Then loaded up and noticed that device-mapper was at version
> 4.7 (previously 4.5) in the base kernel.
> Did the dmraid -a n && dmraid -a y to unload/load it. And it stopped
> complaining.
> Then edited my fstab and made the root and boot mappings point to my
> /dev/mapper devices and built an initrd.  Then copied that over to the
> raid boot and tried to load with it. Didn't complain any more but still
> couldn't find root.
> Just wondering if I can load the 2.6.18 kernel off my ATA drive and then
> "swap" root directories out from under it, would that effect the make
> initrd? effectively remounting root and then rebuilding initrd?
> Thanks

yes you can, look at the grub section in here for a howto, this is with
gentoo, but the principle is the same.


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