Hadders ata.raid at workingwithit.com
Tue Dec 12 00:37:54 UTC 2006

James Olson wrote:
> That solution of stopping and starting dmraid on the same line was 
> only tested for those people who had previously installed FC5 to their 
> striped dmraid array, and were unable to get it to work with a new 
> kernel 2.6.17 and above update. If you created your partitions 
> manually and manually copied the data over then there might be other 
> problems to deal with. I suggest trying to install FC5 to the array 
> with anaconda, the fedora core installer, first.
Okay, before I go and blow everything away. I just want to check.

1. I should be booting off the running kernel I have
2. I should be doing a dmraid -a n && dmraid -a y
3. I should then be building the new kernel initrd
4. For initrd to be built properly I need to be running the container as 
/ ?? like I said, I tried by booting off the ata hard disk, with 
2.6.18-1, I did the stop/start and then built the initrd having modified 
the fstab to point to /dev/mapper/isw_... 

Other than that, yeah, I agree it's possible that by using fdisk 
manually I've potentially misaligned something that maybe anaconda fixes.

*sigh* back to the drawing board.

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