[PATCH] v2 of Adaptec HostRAID support for dmraid

Darrick J. Wong djwong at us.ibm.com
Wed Jan 11 00:36:10 UTC 2006


This is a revised patch to add HostRAID support to dmraid.  It contains
a reworked asr_group function that knows how to set up multilevel RAID
10, as well as the usual RAID0 / RAID1 cases.  It has seen somewhat
rigorous testing in RAID0/1/10 setups on a SCSI HostRAID x226 and very
light testing on SATA HostRAID on the same machine.  Last Friday I was
able to convert a a320raid based SLES9 SP2 system to a dmraid setup, and
verified that I could (with some difficulty) bring up the system.

Note that spare drives, metadata writes and I/O error handling are still
not implemented.

Mr. Mauelshagen: Was it ok to add subordinate raid_sets to the master
raid_set manually with list_add?

As usual, I'm looking for any comments or suggestions about how to
improve this code.  This patch should not be used in a production system
at all.

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