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Re: [RE]LVM + dmraid

"big_spender12" <big_spender12 lycos com> writes:

> BusyBox v1.01 (Debian 1:1.01-4ubuntu3) Built-in shell (ash)
> < snip..>
> Hi Dave,
> Looks like they are using busybox in the initial ramdisk. It
> provides some basic shell commands such as mount with a small memory
> requirement (commands are all static linked in). I suspect you are
> having problems with the busybox not supporting mounting of your
> type of raid.
> The fix would be to not use the internal busybox mount command but
> include your own mount command (statically linked so the file will
> be large) into the inital ramdisk and use that instead.
> For example I noticed that Fedora Core 5 uses busybox in anaconda
> initial installer and that mount command doesn't work with "UUID="
> type mounts. Redhat nash (similar to busybox) that is installed for
> the normal boot does support the UUID= for it's internal mount
> command.  Hope this points you in the right direction,

Wow, thanks, James; I think it might.  But now I need to know how to
build an appropriate initrd.  Got a link somewhere that I can follow?

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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