Hot Swap Problem dmraid

Liviu Balan lbalan791 at
Thu Jun 1 20:17:55 UTC 2006

  First of all I would like to thank and appreciate the effort that has been put in developing dmraid.
  Our company has a backup server which contains a FastTrack TX2000 board and 2 HotSwap Trays. The two drives in the trays form a Raid1 array. 

Before, we used a 2.4 kernel and the proprietary Promise drivers. This allowed us regularly to hotswap one of the drives for offsite storage purposes. When the devices where synchronized the tray leds where green, after the hotswap the leds became amber for 1 minute and finally they started to blink green when the array was synchronized with the new drive.
  Seeing dmraid support we switched to the much more new 2.6 linux kernel. The array seems fine except the leds are amber all the time. Also hotswap of one of the drives just blocks the system. We have tried unmounting and using hdparm -b but an error saying operation is not permitted appears.
  Thank you for your help
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