dmraid -r reports "inconsistent"

Brian Keener brikeener at
Wed Jun 7 11:43:26 UTC 2006

dmraid -r
/dev/hdb: nvidia, "nvidia_hbjebege", mirror, inconsistent, 488281248
sectors, data@ 0
/dev/hdd: nvidia, "nvidia_hbjebege", mirror, inconsistent, 490234750
sectors, data@ 0

It's an nforce3 250 chipset with two 250 gig IDE drives, one primary slave,
one secondary slave.

I JUST set this raid up last night.

Nvidia's bios-based config utility reports the status as good.

My suspicion is that it's still initializing the array...

dmraid -s
*** Active Set
name   : nvidia_hbjebege
size   : 488281248
stride : 64
type   : mirror
status : ok
subsets: 0
devs   : 2
spares : 0

Brian K
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