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Thu Jun 8 02:51:15 UTC 2006

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I have something of a unique problem here. I currently run three disks on my
motherboard and a 3Ware card. The three discs on the motherboard (the dmraid
arrays) are two WD 36GB Raptors in a RAID0 stripe (Windows is here, first
disk in BIOS), and a single 200GB SATA drive in a 'fake' array, ie a single
disk JBOD array. I do have to define the disk as some sort of array to have
it be accessible in Windows.


My problem is this: My linux install is on the single disk, and I can't
start dmraid there. It detects the metadata on the single disk 'array' and
wants to activate it, but it can't since Linux is already running from

I searched the man page, the --help output, and the archives of this list
back to last April, but haven't found any reference to anyone with a similar


Ideally, I'd like to be able to tell dmraid 'dmraid -ay --except=/dev/sdc'
and have it process everything *but* the device(s) specified.

Would it be possible to get a patch with this functionality, and/or have it
added to the next rc?

Thanks much in advance,

Rich 'Forge' Mingin
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