How to build dm-raid4-5 module ?

Jane Liu janliu at
Thu Mar 2 02:41:05 UTC 2006


I don't know what kind of compile errors you are getting, but if it has something to do with missing dm-split and dm-iostats, I think you can just remove references to those from the Makefile.

Please understand that the nvidia raid5 support in dmraid is still work-in-progress. Activating a degraded raid5 array is _not_ handled properly and may result in data corruption. Please be sure to back up your data.


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i am trying to build this dm-raid4-5 kernel module to get my nvidia
raid5 running. I´ve downloaded, patched und build kernel After
changing the Makefile it compiles dm-raid4-5, but i´m getting errors
like there are some things not included. I can post a more detailed
report later, but may someone can tell me the way to build this module.


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