Dmraid use not without problems

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Thu Mar 2 20:15:53 UTC 2006

Dear all,

Sorry for the rather long explanation, but I want to be as complete as
In my current multi-boot system I use dmraid to control my raid 1 on a
hpt372 controller card. However, the use of the linux version does not seem
to go without problems.
All partitions are FAT32, and I can normally use them from windows. However
on linux I put them as shared through samba and wrote to one partition
(partition 1) and deleted from another (partition 2). Returning to windows,
I had problems with these partitions, since one of the partitions contained
my windows installation, I could not boot into windows anymore. Back on the
machine in another windows, for both partitions to which I made
modifications I had all my directories mentioned twice, for partition 1 this
only concerned the directories I wrote to, but for partition 2 I had it for
every directory on the partition. Running chkdsk on these partitions I had a
large number of entries to which it said "cross-link solved by copying" and
a large number of files it wanted to treat as directories and so on. So I'm
guessing my "table of contents" on the disk is in a fairly bad state.
Anyway, before restoring everything I wanted to do a few tests, so I wrote
to the disk from linux on the machine itself and then also from a windows
machine through the samba share. by making 2 different directories and put a
few files in them. Booting back into windows the directories were not there.
So when back in linux I did an "ls" and they appeared, however if I did an
"ls -al" then for those directories, I get: "Input/Output Error".
Following this I checked the dmesg for any io errors, but could not find any
error messages. Hence I wanted to check the disks on a lower level of any
errors and ran the diagnostic tools from the manufacturer in full test mode,
this did also not reveale any errors or problems.

So I am a bit puzzled what the error is due to, and could not find any
person with a similar problem. Is this due to the dmraid I'm using, or is it
due to some personal settings: samba, fat partitions being mounted by
particular user, or is it a combination of multiple of these ?
Hoping that anyone can shine some light on the possible causes of this
problem I would like to thank you in advance.

Best regards,


Linux software specifics:

Debian linux with kernel: 2.6.11-1-686
dmraid version and lib version: 1.0.0.rc9
device mapper version: 4.4.0
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