dmraid boot for FC5...mkinitrd patch?

Dan grinnz at
Sun Mar 19 02:23:38 UTC 2006

Much thanks to Weichuan Lin for this fine post:
detailing how to install RHEL4 (and via the same method, FC4) on a 
dmraid set of drives, and most importantly, a patch for mkinitrd to 
initialize dmraid on startup. I wrote a guide specifically for FC4:
However, now FC5 is coming out in two days, and mkinitrd is 
significantly different. From what I can tell, initializing dmraid on 
startup fails completely, intentionally or otherwise, in FC5t3 (and I 
have no way of updating a system installed in this fashion since it 
won't boot, so if this will be working in FC5 which I doubt, please 
contradict me). Now, I have only the faintest idea where to start on a 
patch such as that for FC4, or if it is still possible. I would love to 
try out FC5 x86_64 on my 64-bit desktop, but without the ability to boot 
from NVRAID0, it's not happening. I'd rather play Doom 3 / Quake 4 on 
FC4 NVRAID0 than FC5 on a standard ATA100 drive. I'll still install FC5 
on my laptop, don't worry.
Anyway, I have a bug regarding this issue, I apologize for the 
misleading nature of the first post, the issue is solely with 
initializing dmraid in initrd, not grub or anaconda:
Any ideas, help, pointers, criticism is appreciated.

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