James Olson big_spender12 at lycos.com
Mon Mar 20 10:22:15 UTC 2006

  Hi all,
I vote for not having a zero on the end of /dev/dm-0.  In reading the previous posting I noticed that most linux utilities don't expect a 0 to indicate the entire harddisk or master boot area (the partition table).   So that is why you can't install grub to /dev/dm-0 or fdisk -l /dev/dm-0.   Now if it was changed to /dev/dm- you could do a grub install to /dev/dm- or and fdisk -l of it and it will see your partitions /dev/dm-1, /dev/dm-2 and so on and it would work with exisiting hard disk scripts and programs.  (I know its ugly... perhaps /dev/dm, then /dev/dm1 /dev/dm2 and so on would be nicer looking). 


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