Fedora Core 5 seek errors in the initrd

James Olson big_spender12 at lycos.com
Mon Mar 27 00:53:56 UTC 2006

I tried installing the new Fedora Core 5 but I can't figure out how to suppress the kernel seek errors in the initial ramdisk image booting stage.  In Fedora Core 4 they used to use udev in the initrd and you could prevent a partition scan with a modification to the udev rules file like:
KERNEL=="hde*|hdf*|hdg*|sdb*|sdc*|sdd*", GOTO="persistent_end"
in FC5 they use nash and the mkblkdevs command.   How can we prevent nash from ever creating device nodes for drives we wish to hide from everything but dmraid?
The nash command rmparts seems to remove them but that is after the fact, and the errors occur I'm guessing right when the mkblkdevs command makes them.


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