Support fot ULi (ALI or nVidia?) RAIDs

Dan grinnz at
Mon Mar 27 19:09:25 UTC 2006

Alex Ryabtsev wrote:
> Probably I am missing something or miisunderstanding...
> I think I saw discussion regarding support for ULi chipsets (like
> M5287/M5288) and even RAID5 there.
> Please clarify my thoughts - is something like this coming into the way?
> Regards,
> Alex
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I'm not sure about RAID5, but dmraid for RAID1 and RAID0 (at least, it's 
working fine for 0 for me, and RAID1 is easier, so I would assume both) 
is working flawlessly in FC5. I don't know whether dmraid supports 
ALi/ULi, but it does support NVRAID.

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