[PATCH] second attempt at DDF1 support for dmraid

Darrick J. Wong djwong at us.ibm.com
Fri May 12 22:42:52 UTC 2006

Heinz Mauelshagen wrote:
> Darrick,
> this is the result of my first quick go through your code:
> o streamlined various functions, e.g.
>   - introduced array for state definitions in disk_status()
>   - avoided dual find_or_alloc_set calls in ddf1_group()
>   - ...
> o s/free/dbg_free/
> o s/malloc/dbg_malloc/
> o pretty printing

Looks good!  ddf1_group will likely change when I get my hands on a
RAID10 setup, but I'm (mostly) happy with the ddf1 driver for now.

> Please check if my patch doesn't break stuff for you and if you ike it ;-)
> BTW: your code doesn't work with DELL privided DDV metadata
>      (goes into endless loop). Need to investogate more next week...

The loop that you put into disk_status() needs to increment s at the end
of the loop.  The attached patch corrects that error and adds a sanity
check in case name() returns NULL.

Can you send me a copy of this DDV metadata?  I'll send you some (big)
tarballs shortly, and off-list.

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