Promise 378 in RAID mode

Dan grinnz at
Sat May 20 01:39:22 UTC 2006

Joseph Bridges wrote:
> I am having a problem with the Promise Fasttrak 378 SATA controller.  
> I'd like to dual-boot and use the system in RAID Mode.  When I install 
> RHEL 4 WS update 3, the installer see BOTH drives even though the BIOS 
> has RAID mode selected and the Array had been created in the Fasttrak 
> utility.
> I've tried installing on just one of the two drives (/dev/sda) and 
> also using sda and sdb in a md0 software RAID.  Regardless, the 
> systems hangs on boot up right after the NASH entry.  I suspect it 
> can't read the drive(s) becasue the linux fasttrak drivers have no 
> knowledge of the controller's onboard RAID settings.
> Has anyone had luck with this configuration?
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dmraid handles fakeraid setups such as this. Prior to FC5, dmraid was 
not initialized in the boot process, so for example, I installed FC4 on 
a fakeraid array the following way:
1. Install to an alternate non-fakeraid drive.
2. Boot Fedora or rescue mode and start dmraid, then create partitions 
on fakeraid.
3. Move partition contents.
4. Patch mkinitrd and create a new initrd with it.
5. Edit grub.conf and fstab appropriately.
I wrote an FC4-specific version of the guide I used, RHEL4 should be 
very similar:

FC5 has an installer that initialized dmraid and contains dmraid in 
initrd, so those two main issues are gone, however the 2.6.16 kernel and 
dmraid don't get along well yet :/.


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