Support for ULi-ALI RAID.

Julian Mulet j.mulet at
Thu May 25 11:09:30 UTC 2006



I have a mother ASROCK combo-Z with chipset ULI 1689. I'm use a raid 0
stripe with windows XP and I need DMRAID to install linux in the same raid

The ULi ATARAID type is not support now.


I read the thread of Alex Ryabtsev with the same problem.

Can I help to analyse the ULi metadata format spec?  My raid 0 has a stripe
size of 16K (the default of raid BIOS). I have a live distro CD of linux. My
sata controller is supported and can use any linux or windows tool to
analyse the raid structure. If needed, I can format the raid to simplify the

My controller is M5289. The linux controller is the same for ALi
m5281/m5283/m5287/m5289 (raid metadata compatible?)


Sorry for my English.





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