dmraid rc9 broken in kernels above 2.6.15

Richard Bailey rmjb at
Mon Nov 13 16:29:55 UTC 2006

Hello, I use dmraid package in Ubuntu and it worked well in Ubuntu 6.06,
which was version 1.0 rc9 and used kernel 2.6.15.

However, when Ubuntu 6.10 was released it upgraded to kernel 2.6.17, and
apparently dmraid 1.0 rc9 did not work for some raid controllers that were
broken. This has been fixed this in later versions of dmraid, and I'm
currently running version 1.0 rc13. However, since the ubuntu developers do
not want to introduce too many changes into an already released version of
Ubuntu, they would like to only add the version that has the fix for the
broken raid controllers.

Here is the ubuntu bug about the issue:

In that bug is says version 1.0 rc11, was that the version that had the fix
for this issue?

Best Regards,
Richard Bailey

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