[RE]Promise FastTrak66 - dmraid doesn't recognize striped array on pair of Maxto

Woody Suwalski woodys at xandros.com
Mon Apr 16 14:13:50 UTC 2007

Bob Stewart wrote:
> --- James Olson <big_spender12 at lycos.com> wrote:
>  Hi Bob,
> I ran into a similar problem with the same controller on certain older drives. 
> The problem has to do with the way the fasttrak bios sees the drive size and
> geometry as opposed to the way linux sees it as reported by the old drive's
> firmware.  Normally the drive metadata sector is located on the last cylinder
> of the drive, about 63 sectors before the end.  Anyway you can probably get it
> to work if you look through the data on your drive to find out what sector the
> metadata is on, and then modify the dmraid source (pdc.c?) to add it to the
> list of sector offsets from the end of the disk to try.
>    -James
> Dmraiders,
> This was actually pretty easy to do.  May I suggest the following change to
> pdc.h?  Seems like there should be some rhyme or reason for the offset, though.
>  Or is it just dependent on the model and revision of the controller?  This is
> a "hacked" Utra66 controller with BIOS V1.30.
> OLD:
> #define PDC_CONFIGOFFSETS       63,255,256,16,399,735
> NEW:
> #define PDC_CONFIGOFFSETS       63,255,256,16,399,735,675
> Bob
Actually we have found yet another PDC location=991:

#define PDC_CONFIGOFFSETS       63,255,256,16,399,735,675,991

I think I have sent Heinz a patch for this, however it somehow got lost?
Anyway, thanks for the 675...

Woody, Xandros

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