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[RE]LVM on dmraid breakage

The last time I checked the fedora mkinitrd (fc6) uses the redhat nash command rmparts to hide the dmraid partitions for striped raids. I would think changing it to do the same for mirrored raids would fix the problem.

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Subject : LVM on dmraid breakage

Date : Wed, 01 Aug 2007 16:19:59 -0400

From : Phillip Susi <psusi cfl rr com>

To : device-mapper development <dm-devel redhat com>, "ATARAID (eg, Promise Fasttrak, Highpoint 370) related discussions" <ataraid-list redhat com>

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I am investigating a bug report involving the combination of lvm and

dmraid, and it seems to me that the problem is that lvm is detecting the

underlying partition on the primary disk and accessing it directly

rather than going through the raid device made by dmraid. I think that

the problem is there is no facility for dmraid to "claim" the physical

disk so that lvm does not look at it, and also to have lvm scan the raid

device for physical volumes.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how this might be accomplished?


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